About Us

Greg Howes, principal architect, founded R 3 Design Architecture in 1997.  Greg received his Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, including a year in Versailles, France studying at the Ecole De Bauxs Arts.  In additional to a wide range of differnet types of projects, he has designed over 100 restaurants across the country, has created conceptual designs for over 15 start-up restaurant chains, and has designed prototype buildings , company logos, menus, and furnishings.

The three core questions that summarize his design philosophy are “What would you want if I could give you a magic wand?”, “What is the story that brings you and your project to this point?”, and “What decisions would I make in design and construction if I was spending my money on the project?”  

He travels and bikes throughout the United States, owns and restores vintage cars and trucks, and has accumulated a library of over 1,200 volumes of architecture books, using them as a tool to help serve clients.